Style Hacks for the Modern Gentleman

Style Hacks for the Modern Gentleman

Dressing well isn’t about dropping your hard earned case on some expensive clothes and having a tailor measure each and every inch of your body to get the perfect fit. Granted, that stuff helps, but there are other things you can do to ensure you’re looking your sharpest at all times.

There are a few style hacks you should consider to help keep things fresh. With that in mind, allow us to walk you through some style hacks every modern man should know.

Colours, Patterns & Prints

Colours, patterns, prints: they’re your friends. Learn to use them to your advantage. Knowing what colours that work with your skintone and what patterns are slimming is the difference between dressing cleverly and just, well, dressing.

Did you know dark colours can make appear taller and slender? Vertical strips have the same affect. However, the more rosy complexions should avoid bright hues. 

Making a Statement

One of the secrets of making your clothing choices appear low-key is to ensure that no two elements are fighting for attention. That means never wearing more than one statement piece per outfit. A patterned T-shirt, a logo hoodie, a brightly coloured sweater. Only one of these things should be present in each outfit. If you are going to wear a loud garment then let, and let it alone, do the talking. 

Go Shirtless

And no, we don’t mean to start walking around without a shirt on. Have you ever wondered how the men of Paris manage to look so stylish all the time? Allow us to let you into a little secret. Parisian style is all about shedding the unnecessary. And that includes your T-shirt. Strip down to just a sweatshirt or a jumper and forget the base layer. Just remember to go extra hard on the deodorant. 

Declutter Your Wardrobe

We’ve all been there: standing in front of a wardrobe full of clothes and muttering to ourselves ‘I’ve go nothing to wear!‘  That’s because there is too much choice. Narrow down your wardrobe selections to the pieces you actually wear regularly will help to alleviate decision fatigue and enable you to create looks quickly and easily each morning. 

Learn to Layer

We all love the summer. However, having the opportunity to layer clothes is one of winters few plus points. Along with the additional warmth it brings, it can also help you shed a few visual pounds. For example, wearing a shirt open over a t-shirt will break up your frame and make you appear taller and slender. See, winter’s not so bad after all.

Lose the Socks

Going sockless might sound like a minor adjustment to make an outfit. However, as many a well dressed man will be aware, often its the smallest details that can have the biggest impact overall. Losing the socks can equip you with an added air of casual cool. Not to mention the breeze feels rather pleasant around your ankles on hot days. 

Easy Breezy

Summer weddings are great. Sweating profusely in a marquee whilst clad in a three piece wool suit: not so great. The solution lies in being selective with your choice off fabrics. Lose the wool in favour of linen. 

Try out these style hacks and let us know what you think!

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