Blazers – 5 Ways to Wear 1

Blazers – 5 Ways to Wear 1

Blazers can be the most important thing for any business mans outfit. A blazer needs to sit right across your shoulders, be the right sleeve length and the right jacket length. Then you have you chose the right colour for the occasion. Every work? Or a party? There are so many choices. Let’s take a look at 5 ways to wear a Cavani Blazer

A day at the office seems a far stretch nowadays. With everyone working from home its a wonder suits are even needed anymore. But there are still some people going into the office at least once or twice a week. These occasions are less formal now and many are turning up in jeans for comfort and a blazer for those zoom meetings. So it’s no surprise our Seeba Navy blazer is the top pick of the bunch when it comes to work wear. Stylish, sleek and perfect to make you look professional in those work meetings above the waist.

The Cavani Party Blazer

If its a good party, its a party you want to wear a blazer too. And if its a formal party, a bow tie is probably needed too. Stand out and look like the perfect party guest in our Bella Blue Blazer, a beautiful colour and delicate design will make you the talk of the party.

The Wedding Blazer

Are the groom? The best man? Or a just a party guest? No matter what you role in the wedding, you can’t go wrong with Ford Blue. If you are the most important man at the wedding (the groom), they splash out and buy the whole suit, add a tie and pocket square to really make it your own. Just a guest? Take the Cavani Blazer and make it your own, a comfortable pair of dress trousers makes all the different at this wedding. 

The Christmas Blazer

Everyone’s favourite time of the year. Christmas Party Season. And of course at the Christmas party you have to look your best (at the beginning anyway). So you have to do it right, bring the Cavani velvet blazers to your Christmas party for a stunning and unforgettable look.

The Women's Blazer

Because Cavani is not just for men. We do have a selection of women’s blazers available at Cavani which will make any women the talk of the office. Stylish, form fitting and beautiful designs that will bring the entire look together for a professional, well rounded women of any kind.

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