A Fashionable Tweed suit

A Fashionable Tweed suit

Tweed is like Demin when it comes to their compatibility. It gives you a vintage yet practical appeal that goes well with almost anything! ⁠With a simple change you can go from everyday casual to a night on the town to the more formal events. Tweed gives you that classic vintage vibe yet with such a practical appeal.⁠ Still, there are some clothing items that just shine when matched with a tweed jacket or waistcoat. 

Tweed & Jeans

Tweed is comfortable and warm and looks great with almost anything. A pair of simple demin jeans is one of the things on this list. Monochromatic outfits are coming back into fashion and why not do it with tweed? It merges the comfortable, the fashionable and the sophistication to your look.

You can never go wrong with a full tweed suit. Its classy, fashionable and most of all, warm! Tweed suits are so versatile you can wear it almost anywhere. Weather its to a wedding, a party or just a day at the office. Tweed on tweed is one of those styles that never go out of fashion.

Brogues & Tweed

A low heeled shoe with perfect leather design. These patterns are done with a process called broguing, hence the name brogues. Brogues promote the classic vintage feel, which looks great when paired with a tweed suit jacket. A tweed jacket and a brogue boot is the perfect combination for the colder months.  Throw on a pair of rolled up chino’s with a pair of brogues and make a positive impression for fashion.

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