Tie yourself in With Cavani

Tie yourself in With Cavani

The age old question that every man comes to at some point is ‘what tie do I wear with this suit?’ so we thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post dedicated to ties for specific suit colours. First up with have the classic navy suit, but what colour tie do you pair with a navy suit? There’s numerous different options, including plain and printed, so check out the details below to find out. There’s also some tips on what shades to avoid as they might clash, but you’re quite lucky with navy as a lot of colours work well since it’s a neutral.

The Solid Tie

The Burgundy Tie

This is perhaps the most perfect colour to pair with navy as the combination of burgundy and navy together is beautiful. The deep jewel tones against the neutral deep blue is a look that stands out and oozes sophistication. It’s just bright enough to look bold and make a statement, but it’s not garish and too much. It’s a very subtle way of wearing two different colours together and making it look classy. We vote for burgundy as the number one shade to go with navy. Buy our classic Wine Tie here.


As darker purple is similar to navy, it’s a great colour to pick for a tie. It’s different enough to stand out and be noticed, but it’s similar enough to blend in too. Dark purple mixes both burgundy and blue together, making it a great option for keeping things subtle, yet styled. Buy our Purple Tie now

Light Pink

If you want something to stand out a bit more and make a statement, in an elegant way, a light pink tie is a good option. It’s so different to the navy blue that it’s hard not to notice, but light pink has feminine elements to it meaning that it’s ideal for weddings or family functions, so don’t be afraid of this shade! Buy our Light Pink Tie

Light Blue

If light pink isn’t for you, try light blue. It’s a pastel shade again which contrasts beautifully against the dark navy, but as it’s the same cool tones of blue, it’s not such an impact. It’s subtle and elegant enough to still be suited to a wedding or special event, but still as nice to look at. Buy our Sky Blue Tie.


If you want to go big and bold, then yellow is your colour. Yellow is a huge contrast to navy blue, but because of that, it just works. It’s bright, it’s loud, and it stands out, so if that’s your thing, opt for something bright and eye catching instead. It’s one of the only brighter shades that works with a navy blue suit. Buy our Lemon Yellow

The Printed Tie

 As this combines other shades of light blue, including aqua, this paisley tie is going to look absolutely incredible! For a printed tie, this is our number one recommendation to go with a navy suit and it looks fantastic. The print is funky, but the colours used all blend so nicely with the dark blue. It’s a winner in our books! Buy our No.9 Multi Colour Paisley here.

As we voted burgundy as the number one colour for plain ties, if solid isn’t your idea of fun, go for printed. We chose this burgundy striped tie here as it incorporates two different shades and textures together, but still has the same appeal as a solid burgundy tie. You don’t always have to go for a stripe though, if there’s another printed burgundy you like, go for it! Buy our Wine Stripe.

Again, if you’re heading to a wedding or a family get together, a small and intricate floral detail like this tie in a pale pink is a good option. It’s not as subtle as a plain light pink on its own, so it could be more of a talking point. Either way, it’s elegant and ideal for occasions like that. Buy our No.5 Pink Small Floral.

 If you fancy something a bit less feminine, why not try a teal and orange check? It’s quite a masculine combination, but it’s bright enough to stand out on its own. Usually we don’t recommend orange, but when it’s subtly paired with teal like this, it works. Buy our No.8 Teal & Orange.

Mint is a fantastic colour to go with a navy suit! Perhaps not a plain or solid mint, but when it’s got small dots or a print on the tie, it’s a great combination. This particular tie here plays off against a navy suit beautifully and is really striking, as you can see from the photo above. If you want something bright, opt for this one! Buy our No.10 Turquoise Tie here.

Tweed Ties

As we sell a lot of tweed suits (everyone wants that Peaky Blinders suit look) then matching a tweed tie is a good idea. A beige or stone shade tweed tie will pair perfectly against a navy tweed suit. It’s bright and stands out while also remaining neutral, what more could you want? Buy our Martez Light Grey Tweed Tie here.

We don’t usually recommend brown or tan shades if they’re in the classic satin or silk tie material, but as this is tweed, it works well because it’s the same material as the suit and quite a muted tie in general meaning it still remains a classic look. Buy our Kemson Tan Tweed Tie.

So that about rounds up the colour ties you can wear with a navy suit. Of course not all of them are listed here and most should work, just refrain from the colours in the avoid list as they really won’t go and will draw attention to a bad combination. If you need any advice, just let us know, but you can shop our full selection of ties above and below for our navy suits too.

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