Do I need it? Your guide to Accessories

Do I need it? Your guide to Accessories

Last week we talked about Standing out from the Crowd with Cavani Blazers. Now you’ve got the blazer down, lets talk about what goes underneath. Waistcoats.

These waistcoats will not be as bright and vibrant as our blazers. However, each waistcoat and has its own unique point.

Accessory guide

Do I Need it? - Ties


To tie or not to tie… 

More often than not a tie is required for your standard work day, special occasion or event in your life. 

Bow ties are for more formal occasions and solid colour ties are perfect for work. Our Paisley tie collection is perfect for that special occasion.

Whatever you do, you should always match your tie to your suit as much as possible.

Do I Need it? - Flatcaps

Occasional Need

Style yourself with the House of Cavani flat caps. These are good for everyday use and will keep your head warm. They are more suited to your everyday casual wear than a trip to the office. 

Do I Need it? - Lapel Pins

Occasional Need

Add a bit of colour to your look with the House of Cavani Lapel pins.

These lapel pins are the perfect little addition to a neutral coloured outfit just to give you a bit extra in your look.

Do I Need it? - Cufflinks


Cufflinks are a must have addition to your wardrobe, this tiny addition can make you look smarter. Nearly every shirt you buy will have the option for cufflinks and they will definitely add more maturity to your look.

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