Wardrobe Staples

Wardrobe Staples

If you want to upgrade your wardrobe, or just want to start a fresh. Fill your wardrobe with these staples.

Wardrobe Staples 01 - A White shirt

A classic item every man should own. It can go with everything, it can do anything you want. You must have a white shirt in your wardrobe. 

Wardrobe Staples 02 - A Blue Shirt

The blue shirt. Its smart, its casual, its perfect just to throw on and get going. Pair it with Demin jeans for casual wear or dress trousers for a smarter look, the shirt will match with anything.

Wardrobe Staples

Wardrobe Staples 03 - Grandad Collar shirt

A staple for any wardrobe and definitely on that belongs in yours. Its a shirt that brings comfort and casual with a laidback feel because of its lack of collar. Perfect for a summer evening or a smart casual occasion. 

Wardrobe Staple 04 - Polo Shirt

Smart, but casual. These shirts do a naturally good job of slimming the torso and accentuating the biceps. Chose a colour that is write for you. Perfect for any weather beneath a jacket or coat.

Wardrobe Staple 05 - Charcoal suit

Everyman needs a suit. And a grey one is perfect for the everyday business man. This colour is great for the office and with a quick switch of accessories, you can make it perfect for a wedding too.

Wardrobe Staple 06 - Navy Blue blazer

For work, for weddings, for whatever! A navy blue jacket will never let you down. If you’re going to make an investment in a full suit, this one will get you the most wear!

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