Colour Matters

Colour Matters

Coloured Suits. Are they important? Here are six suit colours every man should own. 

The Brown Suit

The Brown suit. Classic coloured suits and perfect for your everyday work. Looking suave, sophisticated and high class in our brown Suits.

Gaston Sage

Albert Brown

The Navy Suit

The Navy suit is a coloured suit you can guarantee will add class. Work hard and make it big in our Navy Suits. Perfect for nearly every occasion and will separate you from the every boredom of the black suit.

The Grey Suit

This grey suit is the most casual of suit colours. Its versatile and like the navy, is perfect for every occasion. The grey colour can make you look older and mature, perfect for the young business man.

The Blue Suit

A true suit gives you the opportunity to get funky with your wardrobe. There is always the option to do this with other suits, but the blue suit jacket really pops and can double as a sports coat. 

Blue Jay


The Tan Suit

A tan suit is a great addition to your wardrobe. Like the grey suits, the tan suit is a perfect summer suit. If you’ve got meetings to attend on a golf course, the tan suit is for you. 


The Patterned Suit

Its important to have at least one suit with depth in your wardrobe. You can do this with some simple patterns. Thin lines and a nice simple patterns,

Don’t over do it however, thick pinstripes may well turn you into an 80s mob boss.

Hardy suit

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