This month on Cavani

This month on Cavani

Its that time of the Month again, lets take a look at what is the most popular on House of Cavani

Its no surprise that the most popular suit this month is the Miles Navy suit, its stunning navy colour is perfect for the winter months and the tweed layers will definitely be keeping you warm. Likewise, lightly checked patterns make it perfect for your day to day jobs back in the office. Match with a Paisley or pink tie to bring the look together.

On the other hand, as some of us are slowly let back into the real world, we need that all occasion suit. Therefore there is no better choice than the Carly Wine Suit, with or without the waistcoat this suit if a great special occasion piece. Most importantly, it helps you to stand out from the crowd.

Accessorize. You always need to accessorize your suit and what better what to do it than with the T-bar pocket chain. Similarly, show off your Cavani lifestyle with the subtle keychain to give yourself that ‘gentleman’ look.

The winter is coming, it’s time to bring out the hats. As a result, what better way to style your suit than with a classic House of Cavani flat cap. To clarify a classic Baker boy style is a time old design style that never go out of fashion. Furthermore, add it as the finishing touches to any suit and your ready to face the outdoors.

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