How many Pieces? – Two Piece and Three Piece Suits

How many Pieces? – Two Piece and Three Piece Suits

What is the difference between a two piece and a three piece suit? The obvious answer is a three piece suit comes with an extra bit!

But there is so much more to the suits than just the waistcoat, lets take a look.

A two piece suit is simple, as it says in the title, its two pieces. A jacket and matching trousers. The rest is up to you. 

Over the years of its life the styles have changed but the concept remains the same. Simple yet stunning when worn correctly.

Two piece suits are often worn as everyday wear, perfect for a trip into the office. However, with the right colours and tie, you can turn this from everyday wear to that special occasion suit. 

Our Model Shane Crom wears the Myers Navy Suit with a black bow tie and pocket square. With its dark lapels its perfect for a prom suit. 

Just like it says on the tin, the three piece suit come with more. A three piece suit comes with a matching waistcoat to really pull the look together.

The major focus of a three piece suit is the waistcoat. It takes your from an everyday man to a successful business entrepreneur. 

Because the waistcoat is what brings the outfit together, then you need to make sure it fits right. A waistcoat should slide down the sides of your body sleekly with no lumps, no protrusions or anything else. Your not wearing a corset. You are wearing a well tailored vest. 

One this to always consider while wearing a suit, the collar. The collar defines the mans face, whether your in a dress shirt, suit jacket or vest, you always need help to define the face. We have a range of shirts for you to chose from.

Our Model Digby Edgley wears our Albert Grey suit


Wearing the right accessories with your two piece suit will help you to create a cleaner and more cohesive look. At a minimum, you should be wearing a neck tie. A good rule of thumb is to match the to the shoes, so if your wearing black shoes, try a black tie. 

Or, as many men chose to, you can wear a pocket square. A pocket square is usually used to add a new colour into an otherwise bland outfit. This is why they are very commonly bright and often match the Neck tie. 

The beauty of a two piece is that it doesn’t always have to be warm with a shirt. Just like our model shows off, you can put just about anything beneath the right blazer, a polo neck, a t-shirt or a flannel shirt.

Our Model Warren Phillips wears our Albert Brown

Having a three piece gives you so many options for fashion. You can find a look for the  office, events and formal places. You can wear it with a button down and jeans, or pair the vest with another two piece suit as long as the colours compliment each other.

A three piece suit gives you all manor of options to wear and the full three piece suits give you an extra level of professionalism. 

Most importantly, you need to think about how a suit makes YOU feel. You need to feel comfortable and confident. The beauty of a three piece comes when you move to undo your jacket, with the waistcoat still buttoned up you don’t have to worry about how untucked your shirt might be, the waistcoat handles it for you.

Our model Warren Phillips wears Martez Grey Suit (also available in Brown and Navy)

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